Why Vaping Makes "CENTS"

Published by windycity on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When it comes to cigarettes, health deterioration isn’t the only thing, in fact, price is also a constraint when you choose to buy one. Cigarettes started with a pack being around $1 in the early days, but now the same is sold at up to $10. So, why put the burden on your wallet when you can buy better for less?

Which one is cheaper?

Refilling your cartridge with are the best way to choose, if you want to save money. They provide you with the similar effect, which a conventional cigarette would and have the added advantages. Vaping is healthier and provides you with different flavors and different nicotine strengths.

When you spend $300 a month for packs of cigarettes, half the cost is spent when vaping. Data collected from various sources show that a pack of cigarettes is equal to 2 ml of e-liquid vapor juice. Take that into account, and calculate it for 30 packs. That comes around 60 ml of e-cigs.

Cost Comparison

A pack of cigarette may cost you from $6-$10 which comes around to $165 a month if you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day. Whereas a 10ml may cost you $7 which comes down to $1.40 per vapor. For a month, e-liquid will cost you around $15 to $50 depending upon what flavors you choose. So, would you get a $10 pack which has over 400+ harmful chemicals or an e-cigs which can cost you less and at the same time provide you with exciting flavors of your wish. By taking up e-cigs, you can save up to 25%-50% along with the health benefits. The cost varies with the amount of deep puff you take in while vaping.

The cost also depends upon the flavor of the e-liquid you choose and the nicotine strength level which is present inside the liquid.

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